107 East 3rd Avenue

This eight storey manufacturing and office building was submitted in the summer, and now has site signs and a presence on the City’s website. The 110 feet high building, designed by ph5 Architecture, would see 30,000 sq ft of space built on a tiny 6,000 sq ft site. 

The project is possible because of the relatively new  I1-A zoning in the Mount Pleasant industrial area. The cladding is a mix of glazing and textured terra cotta, and the tiny site means the three levels of parking will be accessed with a parking elevator.

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Great Northern Way retail pavilion

This stand-alone retail pavilion is just completing in front of the new Emily Carr University, and alongside a new office building. Designed by Perkins + Will, it was commissioned by Chip Wilson who owns Low Tide Properties, the co-developer with PCI. He chose the design (and the colour).

The building, which is covered in aluminum tiles, will operate as a Nemesis Coffee outlet, and should open in 2019.

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179 Main Street

Here’s another recently completed Downtown Eastside market rental project, this time at the north end of Main Street.

Originally designed with nine floors in 2013 (below), there are around 50 rental units, nine of them operated as social housing. There are two retail units on the main floor.

It’s designed by Atelier Pacific Architectural – a company based in Gastown whose work has almost all been outside the city.

As built, it looks very similar to the original design, although the alternate light and dark elements were simplified into something simpler, with recessed balconies on the upper floors

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2102 Keith Drive


Who knew there was a Keith Drive in Vancouver? And who anticipated that there would be such an innovative office building proposed here? And one that could now be even bigger than when we first posted in August, when it was 125,000 square feet , and eight storeys?

Now it’s proposed to be two storeys taller, and 167,000 square feet of space. The site is just by the VCC/Clark SkyTrain station, and the proposal has a mass timber frame. The zoning has allowed an office building here for many years

Designed by Dialog, the irregularly shaped building is the result of the main trunk sewer cutting across the site at an angle. The building will be headquarters of food group Nature’s Path, currently based in Richmond.

The architects explain the structural elements of the design: “The structural design of the building utilizes an innovative perimeter structural system of diagonally oriented braces which are integrated into the architecture of the building to create the primary expression of the building. These diagonal elements are celebrated within the facade as an expression of the way that the building resists the lateral and seismic forces of the site. By mirroring the orientation of the brace bays as facing pairs and alternating their orientation floor by floor, a repeating two-storey cellular pattern emerges, breaking down the overall scale and mass of the building.” There are balconies, which also act as solar shading, formed by the horizontal elements of the cell structure.

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1180 Comox Street

Here’s the lane view of an infill project in the West End, in Mole Hill, which offers an intriguing example trying to achieve densification on a single 33′ x 131′ city lot. There was a single storey bungalow here which only dated back to the early 1950s, built after a fire in the adjacent Strathmore Lodge.

There was an initial proposal for greater additional density, but new (to us) architects Haeccity Studio then submitted the most comprehensive package we’ve ever read to justify a 6 unit rental project that has two building elements while retaining the existing mature cypress tree located roughly in the front of the site. Two of the units have two bedrooms, and one has three. The design is distinctly contemporary, with traditional shapes and colours (including a pitched roof) but modern materials.

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Eventide – Beach and Bute

Deecorp are usually commercial owners and agents for retail and office space Downtown, so a residential building is a bit of a departure from their usual area of activity. This three unit residential building was proposed several years ago and was finally advertised for sale at the end of 2014.

Now completed, the building was designed by Merrick Architecture. There are just three suites on four levels; the repeated use of the word ‘luxury’ in the marketing and the reference to ‘stunning unobstructed ocean views’ promised that these did not fall into the category of affordable housing – more like ‘if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it’.

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2525 Carolina Street

This 65 unit strata building is proposed for the corner of Carolina and East Broadway. Two heritage buildings are incorporated into the project; a house is moved from East Broadway to the back of the lot, and the Carolina Building is retained where it sits today, on the corner.

Studio B Architects have designed the building for Portliving, with bonus space for heritage retention justifying adding some density and two floors to the building. We’re seeing the Caroline Street frontage here, with a small courtyard with retail uses.

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